You have the right to work in peace

Much of what you have to learn at school is conveyed by way of discussions, so it's important that you can speak with other people in the class about your work. But everyone in the class must work on what the teacher has planned. Lessons can easily be disrupted when students don't do this, and so it can be difficult for you to learn what you should. All students have the right to complete their work during the lesson.

What if someone is too disruptive?

All students should be able to perform well at school. This is why it's important that teachers find ways of teaching that suit everyone in the class. If a student disrupts the quiet working environment, the teacher must consider two things. One is helping the disruptive student to follow the lesson, while making sure that the other students are able to work. Consequently, the second thing the teacher may have to consider is sending the disruptive student out of the classroom. The teacher may then also decide to make the student stay longer after school or arrive earlier to make up for the time lost. This is part of the Swedish Education Act and applies in all schools, all the time.

School rules that everyone is familiar with

Every school has a set of rules that are developed by the students and adults together. Once the students and adults have discussed the rules they want, the school principal has the final say on the rules that will apply at the school. The rules outline what is acceptable and unacceptable at school. Such rules may include whether or not mobile phones are allowed during lessons.

It's important that all adults and students are familiar with the rules, otherwise they cannot be followed. Although students are involved in developing the rules, the school principal and teachers are responsible for ensuring that the rules comply with the curriculum and the Swedish Education Act.

What is your responsibility as a student?

Everyone is different, and what one student may see as disruptive, another may see as quiet. All students must do their best to follow the school rules and show consideration for one another. If a fight occurs that the students cannot resolve between themselves, you must ask an adult to intervene.

You go to school to learn. This is why your responsibility as a student is to do the work the teacher has planned. You must tell your teacher if you don't find the work worthwhile. Your teacher can then explain the importance of the work, or perhaps give you work that better suits you.

If there is still disruption

You can speak with your teacher if the disruption becomes too much and its affects your concentration. You can also consult another adult at the school or speak with the school principal.

If you feel that the school principal isn't listening to you, you can speak with those in charge of the school, i.e. the person who governs the school principal. You can ask a parent or other adult to help you if you find this difficult. Alternatively you can let us know here at SSI – read more here:
You can let us know