You have the right to wellbeing at school

Stress and anxiety – how does it feel?

We use many different words to describe stress and anxiety, although these both relate to not feeling well. Anxiety could relate to homework, exams, and grades, uncertainty about how well you're performing in a subject, or maybe everything just getting on top of you. Feelings of unhappiness and anxiety can occur both during and outside of school time. These feelings can manifest themselves in stomachaches, headaches, or difficulty relaxing when at home and during your free time.

What help is available?

You can speak with your teachers and the school principal if you find that you have too much homework and too many exams during a certain period. The school is entitled to decide about your homework and exams, but you also have the right to influence your education. In addition, you have the right to know how you're performing in the different subjects. You're entitled to help if you fall behind. Read more here:
You're entitled to the help you need

All schools must offer a student health service. You should have access to a school physician, school nurse, psychologist, counsellor, or specialist teacher if you need. They can help you to feel better.

Only you know how you feel

Only you know if you're feeling stressed and anxious. Sometimes you can feel bad about things not related to school or your education. But your school can help you in these matters too.