You have the right to learn and develop

Everyone is different. We come from different backgrounds, we believe in different things, we all look different, and we all think differently. We also perform differently in different subjects. This is why it's important that your teacher recognises what each student is good at, and what they like and don't like. In this way, lessons can be made more interesting for everyone in the class.

You have the right to know why you have to learn a certain thing

Your teacher must help you and the other students in your class to understand why it's so important to learn a lot at school. No one likes everything they have to learn. But this doesn't mean you don't have to learn it. Nevertheless, your teacher must be able to explain why it's important, and they can help to make it more fun or easier to learn.

You have the right to help in finding the best way for you to learn

Your teacher must try to understand how each student in the class can learn as much as possible, and help you to understand how you learn best. Your teacher must ensure that you have the opportunity to try out different ways of working. This means that you can't always work in the way that suits you best.

You shouldn't have nothing to do in the classroom

It's important that you tell your teacher or another adult if you think lessons in a certain subject are too easy. The school can then give you the work you need to learn new things. Sometimes you need challenges as a student for school to be fun, and no one should have nothing to do in the classroom.

What is your responsibility as a student?

Your responsibility is to pay attention during lessons, to try to understand, and to do the work the teacher has planned. Tell the teacher if you find the lesson ineffective. This gives them the opportunity to change it.

Your school must help you if you're finding it difficult to pass a subject. The reasons why you've fallen behind are irrelevant. Read more here:
You're entitled to the help you need

If you want to learn more

You can speak with your teacher if you feel you're not learning enough at school. If this doesn't help, go to your school principal, whose job it is to ensure that everyone gets as good an education as possible.