You have the right to feel safe

Bullying covers many different things

Bullying can be nasty text messages or pictures posted online. Bullying also includes humiliating words and the spreading of rumours, as well as being teased, ostracised, or excluded. Naturally, threats, pushing, and punching are also forms of bullying. Bullying can occur during or outside of the school day, and at school or online.

Everyone must treat everyone else with respect at school

You may feel you're being badly treated or bullied by other students, a teacher, or another adult at school. Even if you feel otherwise, no one should be mean to you, hit you, bully you, or exclude you. This applies to adults and students alike.

Once is once too often

If you're badly treated or bullied, you must speak with an adult at your school. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, you can speak with your parents or another adult you trust and they can speak with your school.

Your school must do everything in its power to help you immediately. It's irrelevant if "it only happened one time". It's crucial that you feel safe and happy while at school.

Your school must help you

All forms of bullying linked to the school must be investigated. It's irrelevant if bullying is happening during or outside of school time. It's always the responsibility of the school to put a stop to it.

If you still cannot get help

Let us know if your school doesn't help you. It may be a good idea to ask an adult to help you to notify SSI and BEO. If we think that your school has broken the rules, we can demand that the school take action so that the bullying does not continue. Read more here:
You can let us know