You have the right to attend school

What responsibilities do parents have for children of school age?

Parents of school-age children must ensure that their children attend school. However, sometimes their child may be unable to attend. This may be due to an illness that makes it difficult to go to a regular school. In this case, the child can be taught elsewhere, such as at home or in hospital.

What obligations does the school have?

The school is responsible for providing each student with a safe school environment to enable the student's participation in their education. The school must adapt their teaching to suit student needs, such as by providing extra assistance from the teacher or special aids. Students also have the right to feel safe. No one should feel threatened or be subjected to bullying at school. Read more here:
You're entitled to the help you need
You have the right to feel safe

What happens if I join the school late?

You have the right to leave school after the ninth grade. Your school must help you through all grades. It doesn't matter how long this takes.

What if I don't know how long I'm staying in Sweden?

If you're staying in Sweden temporarily, you don't have to go to school, although in some cases you still have a right to attend a Swedish school. You don't need to pay to attend school. This applies if you're a refugee in hiding, you're seeking asylum in Sweden, or you have a temporary residence permit.

If you don't get the help you need

You must speak with your teacher or another adult who you trust if you feel you aren't getting the help you need. They can then speak with your teacher or the school principal. The adults in your school must ensure that you receive as good an education as possible.

If you feel that the school principal isn't listening to you, you can speak with those who run the school, i.e. the person who governs the school principal. You can also let SSI know if you feel you're not getting the help you're entitled to – read more here:
You can let us know