You can let us know

Before you get in touch with us

Always raise the problem with a teacher or the school principal first. If you prefer, you can ask your parents to join you when you speak with the school. If this doesn't help, you can turn to those who run the school. This is either the municipality or the owner of the school if you attend a free school. They're responsible for ensuring that the school follows the rules.

The easiest way to get in touch with those responsible for the school is via the municipality's or the free school's website. The best way is to search (in Swedish) klagomål + skola on the website to find the right information.

Letting SSI know

You can let us know if you've spoken with the school and those running the school but still haven't received help. Remember, you can only let us know about things that have already happened. In order for us to investigate, the students affected must still be attending the school. Slightly different rules apply if you or someone else has been bullied. In this case you can report the school even if you no longer attend.

What happens once you've let us know about something?

Once you've let us know about something, we'll contact the school to find out more about what has happened. We'll contact you if we have any questions. It usually takes between four and five months to carry out an investigation.
If we find that the school has broken the rules, we can require the school to make changes. We'll then check that the changes have been implemented.

Can I remain anonymous?

You can let us know about something without telling us who you are, but we always recommend including your name. This makes it much easier to carry out the investigation and for us to contact you with any questions.
In many cases, we need to know who provided the information in order to be able to investigate it. If you've let us know that you aren't getting enough help to achieve your goals, we need to know who you are in order to investigate the help you've received.

Let us know here

Fill in the notification form to let SSI know about a problem here

You can also send a letter to us detailing the problem, what you think the school has done wrong, and that you want to make a complaint.

Send your letter to: Swedish Schools Inspectorate, Box 23069, SE-104 35 Stockholm

Or send your notification by e-mail to: